22 Wheatgrass Benefits You Could Be Enjoying

If you’ve never heard about wheatgrass, or any of the wheatgrass benefits before, then you’re in for a little treat!

Wheatgrass is what’s known as a ‘superfood‘.

It’s extremely inexpensive and easy to get a hold of, yet it’s one of the healthiest substances that nature has to offer us.

Once you’ve seen how it can change your life, it’s hard not to feel compelled to share the information with the rest of the world.

Wheatgrass is one of the most potently healthy substances on earth. Yet for some reason it is still not mainstream. Since I’ve been using wheatgrass, I’ve noticed my energy levels go sky high, my skin clear up and colds, coughs and illnesses disappear forever. – Ross

Health Benefits of Wheatgrass You Don’t Want to Miss

  1. WheatgrassFaster metabolism – Wheatgrass is known to stimulate metabolism and assist in weight loss. It helps by increasing the body’s ability to quickly break down calories and convert it into energy.
  2. Oxygen rich alkaline blood – Alkaline minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium have the ability to alkalize the blood. It helps remove acidic waste from the body and eliminates over-acidity. Like most sprouted grains, the alkaline benefits are all there.
  3. Protection against common ailments – Wheat grass juice is a very natural way to treat many common symptoms and ailments such as colds, allergies, rosacea, indigestion, internal pains, constipation, diarrhea and many other gastrointestinal tract problems.
  4. Healthier red blood cells – Consuming freshly squeezed wheatgrass juice is an excellent way to naturally increase healthy red blood cells in the body. When consumed on a regular basis, it can have an amazing “blood building” effect. This allows the body to deliver oxygen and nutrients more efficiently to each cell.
  5. Stronger muscles – The high amino content is essential for cell growth and regeneration. Amino acids are the basic building blocks of protein and contribute greatly towards muscle development.
  6. Stronger immune system – It contains over 19 amino acids and over 90 different types of minerals. It also contains Vitamins B, C, E, H and K which all help to strengthen your body’s overall immunity against disease.
  7. Stronger lymphatic system – The high content of Saponin helps to support the body’s lymphatic system by increasing the rate at which toxins are removed from the cells.
  8. Stronger cells overall – The cells in the body are strengthened as environmental pollutants are neutralized.
  9. Normalized blood pressure – Helps to dilate blood pathways in the body resulting in a more normalized blood pressure.
  10. Cleaner blood overall – It’s been said that a single shot of wheatgrass juice has the ability to cleanse, detoxify and enrich your blood.
  11. Detoxified liver and blood – The chlorophyll (natural detoxifying agent) found in this super-food can assist the body in liver regeneration and blood purification.
  12. Lowered risk of cancerous tumors – Toxins are neutralized within the blood stream reducing the risk of cancerous tumors.
  13. Better nutrition – This super-food ontains more vitamin C and A than even oranges and carrots! Its nutrient content is actually equivalent to about 10 times that of spinach.
  14. Relief for itching skin – When applied topically, it can almost immediately eliminate itching skin.
  15. Relief for minor cuts – It’s great for soothing minor cuts and helping the healing process by neutralizing infections.
  16. Relief for sunburned skin – The chlorophyll found in this super food has been shown to be very effective for alleviating sunburns.
  17. Relief for insect bites – When it comes to insect bites, it has a very powerful anti-inflammatory property which does wonders.
  18. Better oral health – By gargling wheatgrass juice, it not only freshens the breath but it also helps to tighten the gums.
  19. Nutritional value equivalent of 3kg of fresh vegetables – According to “The Wheatgrass Book” (Wigmore, 1985), 3kg of fresh green vegetable contains about the same nutritional value as just 140 g of wheatgrass!
  20. Body Detoxification – Hardened mucous and crystallized acids are eliminated from the body as a result of regular consumption.
  21. Many indirect health benefits – including better sleep, better eyesight, cleaner lymphatic system, decreased food cravings, increased clarity of mind, steadier nerves and an overall feeling of well being to name a few.
  22. Increased number of Beneficial Enzymes - There are many kinds of beneficial enzymes found in raw wheatgrass that can boost the body’s ability to function more efficiently.
  • The enzyme Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) – This enzyme helps slow down the aging of cells and can act as an anti-inflammatory compound to reduce cellular damage after a heart attack. It also has the ability to reduce the effects of radiation on the body.
  • The enzyme Protease – This is the enzyme that assists in protein digestion.
  • The enzyme Cytochrome Oxidase – Cytochrome Oxidase acts as a powerful antioxidant.
  • The enzyme Amylase – This enzyme helps facilitate digestion.
  • The enzyme Lipase – Lipase breaks down fats for better absorption and helps prevent excess weight gain.
  • The enzyme Transhydrogenase – This enzyme helps to strengthen the heart muscles.


Side Effects of Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass is all-natural, and typically known for its many health benefits; however, there are still a few possible side effects which you need to be aware of. Most of these side effects are quite minor in severity, but still deserves attention.

  • Nausea – Some people who take wheatgrass shots complain to experience a bit of nausea right after taking it. This is usually independent on the individual and is not experienced by the majority. A tip would be to make sure you are consuming the juice on an empty stomach, such as in the early morning or at least an hour before eating a proper meal.
  • Diarrhea – Another side effect is diarrhea caused by an upset stomach. Some people experience a loss of appetite or constipation instead.
  • Headache – There are also reports of headaches right after consumption. This is usually accompanied with a feeling of nauseousness.

Keep in mind that these side effects are quite common when the body undergoes detoxification. It can happen even with other organic juices. Having said that, it’s important to listen to your body, and if you experience any of these symptoms, reduce or stop consumption immediately until it subsides. Always check with a healthcare practitioner first, before starting any new health regimen.

Purchasing Wheatgrass – What You Need to Know First

There are two ways to purchase it. You can choose to either buy it fresh, or as a supplement.

Organic Wheatgrass Juice CapsulesIf you choose to buy it as a supplement, make sure:

  1. It’s organic.
  2. It’s not heat dried
  3. It’s powdered juice and not plant.
  4. It has no added fruits or sweeteners.
  5. It doesn’t contains any algae.

For a great certified-organic wheatgrass supplement harvested and juiced at its peak nutritional potency, we recommend checking out Sweet Wheat and Amazing Grass on Amazon.com.

However, if you decide to go for fresh wheatgrass instead, always make sure that it’s snipped and juiced in front of you.

It’s never too late to start enjoying all of the wonderful wheatgrass benefits!


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