What is Acidosis And Why Should You Care?

Exhausted Woman

Exhausted WomanIt’s my belief that science can be complex in many ways, but in certain instances such as with health, it’s often very simple. Take for example, the notion that bodily fluids can either be in an acidic or alkaline state. These are the only two and rather simple choices we have, when it comes to the fluids of the body, such as the blood or lymph.

After we understand this simple idea, then it is only a matter of understanding which condition, acidic or alkaline is more conducive to good health. The answer is quite simple; it is when the bodily fluids are maintained in an alkaline state that the body rejects disease and flourishes with wellness and good health.

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Acidosis Opens The Door For Illness and Disease

Acidosis is a major threat to the cells of the human body and opens the door to a number of diseases.

The cells of the body, generally speaking, bath in a combination of oxygen rich blood and lymphatic fluid. It’s easy to think of the process this way; the blood carries nutrients from the digested foods that we consume to the cells in order to “feed” them. Thinking of an individual cell as if it were a baby; when “it eats”, it must also “eliminate”. That is where the lymphatic system comes into play as it’s trusted with the job of carrying away this cellular waste.

Acidosis is very caustic to the cells of the body, thus promoting disease. Acidosis causes the lymphatic system to back up, just as a sewer or septic system in your home might back up.

Many diseases are simply blockages that can often be reversed by removing the source of the blockage. Just like a septic system in your house backing up causes serious problems, so too can an acidic and backed up lymphatic system. The key to maintaining peak health and ensuring that your body will reject disease is to eat living raw fruits and vegetables that are alkaline.

Typical symptoms of acidosis include the following:

  • Headache
  • Poor quality of sleep
  • Clouded or foggy thinking
  • Weakness and poor muscle tone
  • Poor digestion
  • Irregular heart rate
  • Nausea
  • Poor respiration

Long Term Exposure to Acidosis

In addition to these early warning signs of acidosis, long term exposure to high levels of acidosis in the body can typically manifest as some form of advanced stage disease. Understanding the acid/alkaline equation in human health is really the key to better health.

In recent times, a growing number of people are fast awakening to this important truth, and seeking alternatives to misguided conventional treatments that are often invasive and radical. As is often the case, by simply changing the diet, an individual can reverse disease, or can accomplish what’s better defined as simply “removing a blockage”.

Best Way to Combat Acidosis

I feel that the modality that will accomplish this objective is clearly an alkaline diet. Nature’s most amazing healing foods are right before our eyes, and we often do not even realize it. Take lemons for example, which are highly alkaline, and indeed a very powerful healing food.

A daily raw juice consisting of organic lemons, celery, cucumbers, and ginger root can have a huge impact on general health as well as disease reversal. Give acidosis the boot, and discover the healing benefits an alkaline lifestyle.



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