An interesting interview with Dan McDonald a.k.a The Life Regenerator on reasons for juicing on a raw diet.

Check it out by clicking the play button on the video below and let me know what you think.

Video Transcription

Matthew: We see a lot of your videos are about juicing. Is there any particular reason why you went so much into juicing on the raw food and is that for eating purposes or what do you think?

Dan: Well, it’s a lot of different things. I mean, for me it’s just that it’s fun. That’s the number one reason why I do raw foods and the reason why I drink juices. It’s super fun, and I love it. The other things are that leafy vegetables juices are not as powerful as they used to be. So, in order to enhance the digestibility of larger amounts of the nutrients that our ancestors would have had, juicing is very helpful. It also allows one to conserve on energy. You know, I’m just a light. I’m just a child of the most high light. So, when I just drink a nice, big jar of juice, that just energizes me, charges me up, purifies my blood, mineralizes, softens, flushes, alkalizes, regenerates and illuminates. If I try to eat all that, which would take me several hours to do… which I love to do… If I have time, I like to sit down and eat a salad for 2 hours like a gorilla, but a lot of times I don’t. So, I try to get a much concentrated nutrition through juicing. The juicing is a therapy. A therapy that I use consistently because of the nature of the way that this world is. If the world wasn’t this way, and we were all out in the woods and we had 4-8 hours to eat like a gorilla does every day, we could eat low-fat, leafy-green herbs all day and get our calories that way, and our minerals that way. But, we don’t live in that world anymore, and the government wants their taxes, your kids need to eat, you need to get them to school, the soccer games, you need to take showers at some point, tie your shoes, put on your clothes, and you got interviews on the computer. So, juicing is a way to get a big ol’ pile of green stuff into your body in like 15 minutes, slam it, get out the door, and lasts for about 2-4 hours depending if there’s fruit sugar in there or not. And then you’re ready for your next meal. Do you know what I mean?

Matthew: Yeah

Dan: This thing is just an art and I just love it. It’s like, why do you paint? It doesn’t make any sense you know? And then you’re just like ‘I don’t know, I just have to paint.’ So for me, I just have to juice because it’s an art, it’s a practice, it’s beautiful, and it’s so cool. It helps so many people transform their lives. To change the consciousness of their mind, they drink the green juices. It’s very instantaneous. The food will do the work itself. The vibrations in the food or the food consciousness are the subtle essences that go into the mind and will wake you up. You’ll start drinking green juices and a week you’ll be like ‘OMG I live 5 blocks from the beach. Plant foods. I never even thought about it. I thought maybe fillet mignons, and pasta ricotta was the ultimate food source.’ And it just wakes you up. And with the waking up, You wake up more and more. Just keep on trying to do your best to become purified and pretty soon, the desire for inner and outer purity becomes pretty powerful in your life and you just want to honor that because you see, like you look at the great masters of time and you’re just like ‘wow, I’ll never be like that, but I’m sure going to try.’ Then you become a good person. But you shoot to be like Ghandi, or Jesus, or Buddha. You want to be someday a great person.

Matthew: Give an example of what you would have in your juice. Give us an example of like your favorite juice that you would make for healing or energy or whatever…



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