5 Amazing Health Benefits of Chlorella

In this article, we’ll be talking a bit about some of the ways chlorella can benefit your health and wellness.

Chlorella (which is extracted from green algae) is a super food supplement that was actually discovered in the 19th century. Although green vegetables have always been considered “amazing” health foods, it wasn’t until the late 60s that it became better-known for its health benefits.

It has gained a lot of popularity since it was first discovered. Over the years, it’s become a popular nutritional supplement.

If you often feel tired, experience poor digestion or perhaps even suffer from anemia, then this supplement may be exactly what you need. It’s packed full of antioxidants that work to cleanse your body of harmful toxins and remedy many common health-related disorders.

This super food is one of the few vegan sources of complete protein that’s also rich in vitamins and minerals like iron and zinc. An increase in the level of albumin is one of the key benefits. Albumin is an important protein that guards your body against various diseases.

Chlorella Benefits You Can Expect Right Away

  • Improved Utilization of Minerals – Minerals like magnesium and iron are critical when it comes to maintaining good health. Chlorella improves the utilization of minerals from all food sources and helps your body combat anemia by increasing the quantity of iron in your blood cells.
  • Improved Digestive System Function – Improved digestive system function can help eliminate conditions like bad breath and irregular bowel movements that arise due to poor digestion.
  • Reduced Risk of Cancer – Chlorella increases the quantity of interferon which in turn helps your body strengthen its immune system and fight against cancerous cells.
  • Maintenance of Healthy pH levels – A healthy human body must have a pH level of around 7.2 to 7.4. This pH level can change due to consumption of unhealthy foods or certain medications. Regular consumption of this superfood helps maintain healthy pH levels in your body and prevents over-acidity.
  • Normalized Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar Levels – High blood sugar or blood pressure can trigger a number of serious conditions including diabetes and strokes. These conditions can be avoided by maintaining healthy blood sugar and blood pressure.

Using Chlorella

This superfood is available in several forms; it’s available in pill, powder and liquid extract form. As the concentration levels vary across different kinds of packaging, it’s important to be aware of the exact dosage you should be taking from each particular form.

It is commonly mixed with drinks or baked with food for consumption. In many cases, the benefits are noticeable very soon after consumption, and people tend to experience increased levels of energy almost instantly.

The health benefit of Chlorella is not limited only to people with current issues but also for healthy individuals. Since it’s a natural health supplement, it’s quite safe to take; however, some people experience side effects such stomach cramps and diarrhea, especially in the first week of use.

Consult with your healthcare practitioner first before starting any new health regimen especially if you are pregnant, sensitive to iodine, or have a weak immune system (immunodeficiency). In most cases, it can easily be taken for improved health even without the presence of any problems.

Our Recommendation

The best supplement that we found was Now Foods’ Certified Organic Chlorella. It’s a bit more expensive than their Pure Powder. However, the pill form is ideal and convenient for those who prefer not to taste anything at all. Having said that, they’re both great sources and we’ve enjoyed the benefits from both products.


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