Alkaline Yoga

You haven’t heard of Alkaline Yoga? Well that’s because it doesn’t exist, but if you’re interested in improving your life by changing your diet from acidic to alkaline, then you might be finding it difficult to change some of your long-held habits.

Everybody knows what that’s like. You’ve got the information, you understand how it’s going to help, and you’re all ready to give up that morning cup of Joe . . . until you wake up the next morning and find your body brewing up as your mind is saying, “I’m not supposed to do this, mmm coffee, well I’ll start tomorrow, for sure”.

First things first, it’s very hard to break long-held patterns of food and drink so take it easy on yourself. Relying on pure discipline and then feeling bad about yourself for not stepping up never helps.

Instead, make a realistic plan that doesn’t include changing everything at once and, consider adding some Yoga to your lifestyle. Although you’d never guess it, Yoga can actually help reduce the urge to fulfill the habit you want to break.

Most people think of Yoga as an exercise that is mainly good for developing flexibility and toning the body, which it is, but it also does a lot more than make you limber.

Correct Yoga practice detoxifies and cleanses the body. The same physical movements that make you stronger and more flexible, called Yoga poses or asanas, also effect the internal body.

When you stretch you are boosting the blood flow of the body, which means oxygenated blood is able to get to more of the body’s tissues, and the toxins in those tissues are able to get pumped out.

When you bend this way and that, and twist here and there you are literally squeezing, stretching, and activating the internal organs, which helps them do what they want to do; clean and balance the system.

When you start to cleanse the body, a very interesting thing happens. You feel better and you want to keep feeling better. It’s like the cells in the body start perking up and the body’s natural intelligence gets turbo-charged. Add to this another known benefit of Yoga, stress-reduction and calming of the mind, and the whole landscape begins to change.

Instead of waking up and watching your body move like a zombie toward the food or drink you want to avoid, you find that there’s a new freshness to the mind and an un-seen motivation coming from the body.

If you’ve ever broken a bad habit then what I’m describing is not new to you. Each day you manage to stay true to your new healthy program it gets easier and easier, there’s a natural momentum. It’s the first and second day that’s always the hardest.

So consider adding some Yoga to your routine perhaps a week before you’re planning on making the first change. Not only will you enjoy all of the excellent benefits that has made Yoga so incredibly popular today, but you’ll also make it a shade easier to be strong and do what you know you need to do for yourself on that first day of your new program.

Christian Leeby has a deep knowledge of how Yoga can help physical, emotional, and mental issues. He’s been teaching for more than two and a half decades. Visit him at



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