Alkaline Water Filter – Is It Worth The Money?

Water constitutes almost 70% of our body weight and is critical to our survival. In fact, a lack of consumption for a few days could lead to irreversible damage to the body and even death.

It plays a crucial role in synthesizing the nutrients from the ingested food, helping digestion, cleansing the body of harmful toxins, regulating body temperature and supplying nutrients and oxygen to the body cells.

Between 2.5 and 4 liters per day is recommended for the average person. The proper working of most of our body organs and their functionality depends upon a regular supply of clean, hygienic water. After reading this article, you will understand what an alkaline water filter does exactly and if it’s worth having in your home.

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What’s Wrong With Regular Tap Water?

Next time you drink from the tap, take notice of the taste. If possible, taste it side by side with filtered water so you can really taste the difference.

Most of us who are adults now, grew up drinking from the tap, and the natural thought that follows is “well, I drank it all my life, and there’s nothing wrong with me.” The truth is we weren’t aware of all of the impurities back then and the subtle, but real effects these had on our health growing up. While no one died from drinking out of the tap, a lifetime of consuming it cannot be considered healthy.

The quality of tap water varies by location and source. It is typically treated with chlorine and fortified with calcium carbonate and fluoride. Chlorine is carcinogenic, and fluoride, originally thought to be beneficial to teeth, is now thought to have negative side effects when consumed regularly.

Droughts or water shortages can also diminish water quality as lower levels encourage parasites, which in turn require more chemical treatment.

Water TapTap water also contains, lead, iron and other heavy metals that are toxic to the body if consumed in excess. It might seem clean and drinkable, but the fact is that there are a lot of impurities, foreign particles and bacteria in it that are invisible to the naked eye.

While most of these impurities don’t harm our bodies and are flushed out of our system, there are some which can stick inside our bodies and harm our body and health.

On the contrary, the alkaline minerals found in water that has been filtered with an alkaline filter are actually beneficial to the body.

The increased industrial activity in proximity to water sources in the last several decades has resulted in the contamination by toxic metals, microbiological bacteria, viruses and all sorts of chemicals. This means that most places around the world don’t have a supply of really clean and safe drinking water.

This is a far cry from the ideal water suited to the human body. It should be free from contamination and contain natural minerals like magnesium and calcium and have a healthy alkaline pH.

To obtain such clean and safe drinking water, it needs to be treated appropriately. Proper treatment removes the harmful contaminants and makes it safe. However, the filtering process also removes a lot of minerals that are good for us. This is why it’s important to re-mineralize after the filtering process.

According to research, mineral consumption can significantly reduce the chances of contracting a heart disease or cancer. Thus, the ideal alkaline filter would be the one capable of removing contamination and fortifying it with healthy minerals.

How Do Alkaline Water Filters Affect The Body’s pH?

The pH level (alkalinity) of our bodily fluids controls the level of acidity in our body. High acidity in the body can have a negative effect on our body and lead to several health conditions. Drinking from a source that has an alkalinity level between 7.5 pH and 9.5 pH is considered healthy and is sufficient to dilute the strong acids in our body. A well balanced level of acid in the body improves the body’s resistance to disease and slows down the aging process.

Poor dieting habits or stress can often result in increased acidity in the body. These filters neutralize this increase in acid and restores the body to a balanced state. It also helps keep your skin, scalp and hair feeling clean and healthy.

Along with filtration, alkaline water filters restructure smaller water molecules and helps them get absorbed by cells in the body. This helps cleanse the cells of harmful toxins thereby improving the health and condition of the body. They also filter out chemicals and heavy metals while providing beneficial antioxidants.

Not only does it remove impurities from your drinking source, it can also charge it with ions, which improves the taste of the water and makes it healthier for drinking. Alkaline pH water can help you avoid a host of commonly occurring illnesses and health problems.

As you can see, there are many reasons having such a filter for your home could be very useful. While adults might have adapted their immune systems to deal with the contaminants in our drinking source, most children haven’t. Given the quantity of water consumed on a daily basis, even small quantities of impurities can affect the health of children adversely.

Purchasing an Alkaline Filter

Costing anywhere from $800 – $4,000, an alkaline water filter might be a touch more expensive than ordinary filters, but given that your family’s health is at stake, it might be a worthwhile investment in your family’s health and well being. By preventing the most common illnesses and ailments caused by unhealthy drinking water, you will save money in the long run that would otherwise have been spent on doctor visits and prescription medicines. More important than the financial aspect is the knowledge that you will have done everything possible to ensure good health for your family.


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